Lornah kiplagat rift valley

UNICEF Rift Valley Marathon Experience 2018

On May 18 we will organise the first edition of the UNICEF Rift Valley Marathon Experience. If you join us, a unique experience is waiting for you!

Run for clean water and toilets

As a participant you will run in the Rift Valley a marathon that has been set up especially for this occasion. At the same time you will support Football for Water. This project of UNICEF and partners provides primary schools in Kenya clean water and toilets. That will keep children healthy and will increase the chance that they’ll finish school and get their diploma. 

Start and finish: HATC of Lornah Kiplagat

If you’ll like to join this unique marathon, you will stay in Iten at the High Altitude Training Centre of Lornah Kiplagat. The centre is very well-accommodated, with a gym, a swimming pool and lots of opportunities for training. For more information, please check the website of Lornah. There you’ll also find travel information.

Arrival and departure

Please fill in your arrival and departure date in the form below. The availability of rooms in the HATC is limited. If they are all booked we can assist you in finding alternative accommodation (for help, please send an email to info@lornah.com).

Costs and payment

Costs of participation are 100,000 KES. UNICEF will get 75,000 KES of this amount for the Football for Water project. We’ll invest the remaining 25,000 KES in services like medical support, a special T-shirt and transport to the marathon area. 

After submitting the form below, we’ll send you the payment information.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the HATC!