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Aruba is an island in the Caribbean and an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 1986. UNICEF supports the Aruban government in improving the safety of children on the island.


What is UNICEF working on?

The Aruban governmentt is responsible for upholding children's rights. Yet there are children in Aruba who live in unsafe conditions. UNICEF Netherlands advises the local government and local organizations on child protection and the importance of collecting and monitoring data for policy development in that area.

UNICEF provides technical expertise to the Aruban government, civil servants and professionals. We work together to strengthen the child protection system, in particular with regard to:

  •     a step-by-step plan for professional groups in case of suspicion of child abuse
  •     children who come into contact with the law
  •     monitoring and evaluation for data-based policy development
  •     communications to promote and improve child safety

In addition, UNICEF creates initiatives for children on the island. Young people participated in a study on children's rights in Aruba. The youth investigation report was sent to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child as input to the List of Issues (LOIPR). The LOIPR is a public list of issues established by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and for which the Dutch state is he;d accountable. It is a five-year procedure in which the Dutch state reports to the United Nations on compliance with children's rights in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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