UNICEF | give-a-day

Yes, I wish to participate and give children the chance to grow up and develop healthily.

With UNICEF | give-a-day, you can donate your leave day in order to aid youth empowerment, children uprooted or healthy nutrition. With the value of one day* UNICEF can, for example, accomodate school supplies for 16 children, provide clean drinking water for 11 children for an entire year or nurse 2 severely malnourished children back to health with therapeutic food.

It is easy to participate. Indicate how many hours you wish to donate to UNICEF in the form below and choose the theme that you want to contribute to. Your employer will make sure that the net value of your day is paid to UNICEF.

Take part today! Your days will make a world of difference for children. Thank you!

* based on the average net value of a free day in the Netherlands