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Sint Maarten


Sint Maarten is an island in the Caribbean and part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is an autonomous country. In September 2017, two extremely severe hurricanes, Irma and Maria, devastated the area. On Sint Maarten, 95% of all buildings were damaged or destroyed. 

UNICEF’s work

In 2017, the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten was hit by two very severe hurricanes. This natural disaster has exacerbated existing problems such as poverty and violence against children. After the hurricanes, UNICEF assessed what was needed for children in terms of education, child protection and psychosocial support and we provided assistance in 2018, 2019 and 2020. We also conducted research on the Early Childhood Development sector to analyse the level of access for children aged 0-4 years and the quality of the services. 

In 2020 UNICEF published a report on the situation of children and young people on Sint Maarten; the Situation Analysis (SitAn) on children and adolescents 2020. The short summary is available here. 

Read the Children's Version of The United Nations Convention of the rights of the Child.

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Hurricane resistant schools and disaster preparedness 

Hurricane Irma will not be the last hurricane to affect the children of St. Maarten. That is why it is important to incorporate disaster preparedness into the education sector. We advise schools on safety plans and how to integrate lessons and disaster exercises. UNICEF the Netherlands has helped improve disaster preparedness in the area of child protection. Several disaster preparedness protocols were developed in the sector, organizations participated in workshops and practiced in an emergency simulation exercise. A protocol has been developed between the six islands of the kingdom to properly arrange the evacuation of children, so that supervision, guardianship and practical assistance to children will improve. 

UNICEF is currently supporting the Sint Maarten government: 

  • to be better prepared for natural disasters, 
  • strengthen capacity to provide psychosocial assistance, 
  • improve the well-being of children and young people, 
  • strengthen preschool education, 
  • tackle violence against children 
  • and improve the child protection system

    We provide training and workshops for civil servants and professionals, support with our technical expertise, set up public campaigns, conduct research and advocate and support towards better policies for children. 

    This program will continu in 2020-2023 with resources from the Sint Maarten Trust Fund managed by the World Bank.

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