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In the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF has been given an important mandate to monitor whether governments comply with the agreements in the Convention and to hold them accountable. As a result, UNICEF is an advocate for children's rights around the world. Also in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom. UNICEF Netherlands contributes to this by monitoring the children's rights situation on the islands, advocacy, children's rights education and participation, and providing technical assistance. For our projects for the advancement of children’s rights we procure services and, to a very limited extent, goods. On this page you will find any business opportunities we may have and our general terms and conditions. In the request for quotation or request for proposals you will find the details, including closing date, requirements and how to submit a quotation or proposal.

Available opportunities and quotation requests:

Consultant Youth Engagment Coordinator (deadline 1 dec 2023)

Consultant Violence Prevention Coördinator (deadline 1 dec 2023)

General Terms and Conditions:

Principles of purchase UNICEF the Netherlands (English)

Standard contract for consultancy services (English)

Child Safeguarding policy (English)