Great results - thanks to you!

We are making great progress with the Plastic Bricks project, and you helped make it happen!

305 tons

of plastic waste recycled

200 classrooms

built with recycled plastic bricks

2900 children

attending school

Great accomplishments in a challenging year

The Plastic Bricks recycling factory has been up and running in Côte d’Ivoire for almost two years now, and the project is gaining traction. In total, 305 tons of plastic waste has already been recycled. With that recycled waste, we built 58 classrooms destined for 2900 children. New furniture was also provided for these classrooms. Additionally, we trained 33 women in waste recycling and entrepreneurship this past year.

As it did worldwide, the COVID pandemic caused a delay for this project. Schools had to close in Côte d’Ivoire as well, meaning we were (temporarily) limited in our work. UNICEF helped and is still helping Côte d’Ivoire to fight the COVID pandemic and its impact, working to reopen schools and to continue our work on the Plastic Bricks project.

Facts and figures at a glance

For a full overview, you can the download this sheet with all the recent fact and figures: Progress Plastic Bricks. Share it within your company, with colleagues, clients or anyone form your network.

Plastic bricks progress report 2020 2021

Leila goes to school for the first time – thanks to you

Toddler Leila lives in Bléniméouin in Cote d’Ivoire. She’s delighted to be going to school, and such a beautiful one as well! Her mother N’Dri says: “The children used to be taught in a tent. Now they have a beautiful, strong building and the surroundings are also safe. There used to be pieces of metal everywhere, pieces that could hurt the children. We are so happy!” The new school motivates many parents like N’Dri to enroll their children, meaning more education for more children.


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