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What's next? Working for UNICEF! (career event)

career event focussing on job opportunities in UNICEF after finishing your degree

The event would serve as an introduction for students to careers in UNICEF after their studies. We would provide an overview of opportunities for volunteering abroad and working for UNICEF The Netherlands (either as an intern or as part of a student team in the next year). The event would be set up as a Lecture + Q&A session set around UNICEF field workers, a potential HR person from UNICEF The Netherlands, and potentially some of the students working in the National Team.

During the lecture part of the event, the UNICEF field workers would talk about their experiences working for UNICEF abroad, their background, and talk about different positions that exist and that they have been through within UNICEF. For the Q&A session, we (The UNICEF Student Team Maastricht) would ask on our social media platforms for people to provide questions for our speakers. Those questions would then be filtered and provided to the speakers before the start of the event (which would allow our speakers to prepare their answers).


Dit evenement is georganiseerd door regioteam Maastricht/Mergelland

Praktische informatie

15 juni 2021

18:00 tot 20:00

Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom



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