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Vintage Clothing Sale

UNICEF Student Team The Hague is now on the website (or app) Vinted! We are selling second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories and we are constatntly adding new clothes to the collection. With every purchase made people will be supporting UNICEF, while being sustainable and getting an amazing piece of clothing!


We (the Education Committee of UNICEF Student Team The Hague) made the Vinted account after collecting clothes, shoes, accessories etc from students in The Hague, and uploaded all of them online. At this time we have over 600 items and we have raised about 200 Euros already from it. All the items are priced between 2.50-8.00 Euros, depending on the quality of the products we recieved. This is an ongoing project that we plan to continue all semester and hopefully also next year. We ship these items all over Europe, and hand over items to people living in The Hague personally if that is more convenient from the address given below.

All the proceeds will go to Maman Lumière, which is a project to tackle child malnutrition in Burundi. For just €2,50 UNICEF can provide nutrient-rich sprinkles for one child. For €10 a malnutrition screening session can be provided and for €15 a cooking class can be organized. Therefore, imagine the impact we can make by selling all the clothes! Go shopping! 


Dit evenement is georganiseerd door regioteam Den Haag e.o.

Praktische informatie

23 februari 2021 t/m 10 juni 2021

Muzenplein 59, 2511GD Den Haag

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