Children's Week

The UNICEF Student Team The Hague organizes a CHILDREN'S WEEK: 

We kicked off the week with a City Roaming event on Childrens Day, November 20, to raise awareness about UNICEF and the Team Up Uganda project, talking to people on the street about their childhood.

The second event is a guest lecture, organized by us together with Amnesty International Student Group The Hague, taking place on November 23, from 17:30-19:00, in Leiden University College, The Hague.

A third activity will be a movie night on November 25, 18:00, at Leiden University College. We will screen the movie "Beasts of No Nation".

More information on both events are on our Instagram, @unicefstudentsthehague!

November 20th is World Children´s day, marking both the adoption of the Declaration and the Convention of the Rights of the Child. To draw attention to the importance of children and raise awareness about their rights, the awareness team organized Children´s week. The kick-off event was a city roaming, with the motto “Children are the future”. We asked adults and children, about their future dreams, what society they wish to live in and what they miss or love most about being a child. What do we want to leave behind for children? What is important for children themselves? Do we sometimes forget our privilege?


Because designating one day for children only is never enough, we made a week out of it. Together with the Amnesty International Student Group The Hague, we shifted the focus to Children´s Rights in conflict situations. The first joined event is a lecture, on Tuesday, November 23, about child trafficking, and extremist groups recruitment strategies with Dr. Roos van der Haer and Child Identity Protection. Our speakers shed light mental consequences for children and give insights on strategies to fight child trafficking. 


A picture paints a thousand words. To complement the lecture´s focus on facts and strategies, we organize a second joint event, on Thursday, November 25: a movie night. The drama “Beasts of no Nation” revolves around the experiences of a young, boy child soldier, fighting in a civil war. Movies bring experiences and emotions closer to our heart and hopefully, strengthen our desire to fight the injustices existent in our society. “Children are the future”, we need knowledge and unity to guard children from harm.


Dit evenement is georganiseerd door regioteam Student team Den Haag

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22 november 2021 t/m 28 november 2021

Anna van Buerenplein 301, 2595 DG The Hague

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