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Charity Run

This is a virtual charity run  in which participants run (or walk or cycle) individually and donate 1 euro per kilometer. The aim is to raise funds for the Burundi project and the challenge takes place during January.


UNICEF Charity Run - Team Rotterdam

Are you ready to get fit in this New Year? Do you want to help the Light Mothers of Burundi while doing so?

Join us, the Rotterdam Student Team of UNICEF in our Charity Run event throughout the entire month of January. All you need is your running shoes, a good mood, a running tracking app (we prefer Strava) and your donation for the Light Mothers project. 

And here’s the catch, you are also helping us compete with the UNICEF Leiden Student Team, to see who is able to run the most kilometers, and to raise the most money for the project.

There will be a leader board to which you can add your kilometers, and the person that has ran the most, will win a UNICEF T-Shirt.

But don’t worry if you can not run, our team will run for you! 
There are two ways to join, and the most important part is that €1 = 1km:

  1. Donate money to our link, and for every €1 donated, our team will run/cycle/walk each km.

  2. Donate money to our link, and for every €1 donated, you can run/cycle/walk each km

Don’t forget to post your progress, or your run, on your Instagram story and tag us @unicefstr and nominate 3 other friends to join our challenge. Together we can make the most out of this!

Let’s go!



Dit evenement is georganiseerd door regioteam Student team Rotterdam

Praktische informatie

1 januari 2021 t/m 31 januari 2021

full month of January

Online and, out- doors

Algemeen publiek